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Dementia Café


Why is dementia important? –Dementia is not ‘something old people just get’. Dementias are brain diseases that kill people. Early stage dementia may see one forgetting their glasses. In late stages, the brain may forget to tell the body to breathe.

In the UK 1 in 3 people will develop the disease, (similar stats to cancer).

Last year, cancer received more than $5.3 Billion in funding from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). In comparison, Alzheimer’s only received $562 million.

We intend to provide a purpose built cafe that accommodates everyone.

The cafe will be free to use and non-profit. Any donations will go to maintaining the Dementia Café/research into dementia.

We support healthy tasty food and beverage options & cruelty free, so we’ll be going dairy free whilst still bringing the best beverages and snacks to the Dementia Cafe TLS.

The cafe is for those with dementia and their friends and families to use as well as other locals who would like to be involved in this community based project.

As a company we were more than happy to donate a few t-shirts to support the good work of Dementia Café.

Stand Up on Everest

Save The Children

March '16

On 15th April 2016 Mount Everest Base Camp will play host to “Stand up on Everest” at 5365m above sea level.

Comedians Wayne Deakin, Tom Wrigglesworth, Martin Mor and Mickey D are joined by up to fifty eager fans on a gruelling nine day trek high into the Nepal Himalaya. At Base Camp they will perform on a purpose built stage to their fellow trekkers and any climbers awaiting their turn to summit the World’s highest mountain.

This is designed as a TV documentary, The Production Company has been outsourced to One Tribe TV and have the job of getting this project commissioned.

The nominated Charity for Stand Up On Everest is In Aid of Save The Children. The theme for Stand Up on Everest is providing children a better start in life. Save the Children are established in Nepal with many projects already helping children in Nepal.

 Fresh Air are delighted to have donated t-shirts to such a fantastic cause.

 For more information please contact

Maasai Tribe

Rift Valley

February '16

David Craze (Lee our Directors Brother) went to Kenya to live with a Maasai tribe in the Rift Valley to see first hand the charity work that his friend Jason Ingamells of Woodland Ways has done. David has said it was a humbling and amazing experience that has changed his perspective about many things in life.

Five years ago Jason became aware of the plight of the Maasai tribes people and managed to raise enough money (some of it his own) to build a small school house and employ one teacher to educate ten children. Five years on he has managed to raise enough to build a larger schoolhouse with four classrooms a teachers office, toilets and a water supply, and employs three full time teachers who now educate 67 children up to school year 7 they who also receive one good meal per day.

Jason raises funds to support the education program by once a year taking a small group of people to the Maasia village during this trip they immerse themselves into traditional Maasia life and culture. He also brings the Oloip Maasai Dancers to the UK to perform at events and schools. This raises further funds and awareness of the challenges they face.

Jason has now registered the charity, Woodland Ways Bushcrat Foundation . As this is a small charity with a current focus on one community we can absolutely guarantee that 100% of the money raised is spent directly on those who need it the most.

Fresh Air gave David T-Shirts to take with him and as you can imagine were received with so much thanks. Fresh Air has also donated £1000 which goes a long way Kenya and we will also continue to supply T-Shirts going forward

James Ahern Foundation

Enabling The Pursuit Of Passion

December '15

The James Ahern Foundation was established in September 2014, in memory of James who died tragically in a car accident in North London only a few weeks earlier. He was 22.

In the days and weeks after his death, what became clear to those close to him was the enormous impact that he had had on friends and family, even on strangers. Whatever he did, he pursued with passion: work, music, sport (mostly as a spectator!), and travel.

As a lasting legacy of his life then, his parents decided to channel the support and energy of those close to him into a foundation with a simple aim: to support young people who are struggling to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. A particular emphasis will be on supporting young people with mental health or addiction issues. The key though is passion, because whatever James did in his short live, he was not short of this!

 Maria (James’s mother ) decided it was about time they put some merchandise together so contacted Fresh Air to get the ball rolling. Fresh Air donated the tote bags FOC and look forward to working closely with the foundation in the future.

Nick Alexander

November '15

The below t-shirt was launched in honour of the victims of the appalling events in Paris that fateful Friday night, and in particular to pay tribute to Nick Alexander who was a friend of Fresh Airs.

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